MK19 Machine Gun

What size projectile is fired from the MK19?
40 mm

What is a special feature of the barrel of the MK19?
It is designed to not overheat even after prolonged firing

What is a MK64, MOD7?
The gun cradle for the MK19

Describe the MK19.
An air-cooled, blowback operated, belt-fed machine gun that is fed by a disintegrating metallic-link belt and fires
40mm grenade cartridges

What is the length of the MK19?
43.1 inches

What is the maximum range of the MK19?
2,212 meters

What is the maximum effective range of the MK19?
•        Point - 1,500 meters
•        Area - 2,212 meters

What are the rates of fire for the MK19?
•        Sustained- 40 rds/min
•        Rapid- 60 rds/min
•        Cyclic- 325-375 rds/min

What is the muzzle velocity of the MK19?
798ft per second

What are the two most common malfunctions of the MK19?
•        Runaway gun
•        Sluggish action

When taking immediate action for a "runaway gun" with the MK19, should you ever break the ammo belt?

One click in rear site windage equals how many change?
1 mil

What mounts are available for the MK19?
•        M3 Tripod
•        M4 Pedestal
•        M66 Ring
•        HMMWV Weapons Platform
•        M113 APC Commander's cupola

Describe the sight system for the MK19.
The MK19 has a blade-type front sight attached to the top cover assembly and a leaf-type rear sight (with an
adjustable range plate) mounted on a spring dovetail base. The rear sight range plate is incremented in 100-meter
intervals from 300 to 1500 meters. Range changes are made using either the slide release or the elevation wheel.
The rear sight is also adjustable for windage

What is the weight of the MK19 weapon system?
•        System weight (Gun, Cradle and Tripod with feed throat) = 143 lbs
•        MK19 with feed throat = 78 lbs
•        MK64 = 21 lbs
•        M3 (tripod) = 44 lbs

What are the approved methods of destruction for the MK19?
•        Mechanical means
•        Burning
•        Gunfire
•        Demolition
•        Disposal

What FM covers the MK19?
FM 3-22.27

What is the average recoil force of the MK19?
500 lbs

What is the type of ammunition fired from the MK19?
•        M430 (HEDP)
•        M383 (HE)
•        M918 (TP)
•        M922 (DUMMY)

What are the 6 steps in the MK19 cycle of operation?
1.        Charging
2.        Extracting (delinking)
3.        Cocking
4.        Firing
5.        Blowback
6.        Automatic Feeding

What are the proper procedures to clear a MK19?
In a Firing Situation:
1.        Move the safety switch to S (SAFE).
2.        Open the top cover assembly. If all the ammunition has NOT been fired, the bolt is to the rear and a round is
on the bolt face. If the bolt is forward, lock it to the rear
3.        Take the ammunition from the feed tray by reaching beneath the feed tray and pressing the primary and
secondary positioning pawls. While pressing the position pawls, slide the linked rounds out of the MK 19 through the
feed throat.
4.        Insert a section of the cleaning rod or bayonet through either side of the receiver rail. Place it on top of the
live round or cartridge case, as close to the bolt face as possible, and push down. This action forces the round out
of the MK 19.
5.        Lower and pull both charger handles to the rear.
6.        Inspect the chamber and bolt face to ensure that no live rounds are in the weapon.
7.        Place the safety switch on F (FIRE) (Figure 2-6).
8.        Maintain rearward pressure on the charging handle, press the trigger and ease the bolt forward.
9.        Place the safety switch on S (SAFE).
In a Non-Firing Situation:
1.        Place the safety switch on S (SAFE) (Figure 2-6).
2.        Open the top cover assembly.
3.        Lower one or both charger handles.
4.        Pull the charger handle slightly to the rear.
5.        Allow sufficient space between the face of the bolt and the chamber to see both.
6.        Check for live ammunition.
7.        Ride the bolt forward.
8.        Return the charger handle to its original upright position.

What are the proper procedures for performing immediate action on the MK19?
During peacetime and training:
1. The gunner ensures the safety of other personnel and clears the weapon of ammunition by performing the
following steps in sequence:
•        Clear the area of personnel.
•        Pull bolt to the rear. If the bolt does not go to the rear, go to BOLT JAMMED.
•        Catch the live round as it is ejected.
•        Push the charging handles forward and up.
•        Put the gun on S (SAFE) and check for any bore obstructions.
•        If bore is clear, move safety switch from the S (SAFE) to the F (FIRE) position, and attempt to fire.
•        If nothing happens, put gun on S (SAFE) and wait 10 seconds.
•        Pull the bolt to the rear.
•        Catch the live round as it is ejected.
•        Open the top cover and clear the ammunition.
•        Check bore for any obstructions.
2. Charge the MK 19 in the normal manner and check to see the primary pawls have clicked up behind the cartridge
in front of the bolt face and that the secondary pawls have clicked up behind the next round before firing. The feed
pawls should click up within the 1-inch of charging handle travel.
3. If the primary and secondary pawls do not click up within the last 1-inch of charging travel, follow these
•        Turn the MK 19 into unit level maintenance.
•        Record ammo lot number, type of ammo, number of rounds fired, serial

number of the MK 19 and indicate whether ammo is linked with one-piece or two-piece links.
During Combat:
1.        Press charger handle locks and rotate charger handles down.
2.        Pull charger handles to the rear until the bolt sears.
3.        Push charger handles forward and rotate charger handles up and lock.
4.        Relay and fire.
5.        Turn in live rounds that cycled through the weapon as instructed by current directives.
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