M203 Grenade Launcher

If you turn the M203 windage screw one increment,
how far does that  move the strike of the round at 200 meters?
1 and 1/2 meters

What is the maximum range of the M203?
About 400 meters

What is the maximum effective range of the M203 against a fire team sized area target?
350 meters

What is the maximum effective range of the M203 against a vehicle or weapon point target?
150 meters

What is the minimum arming range of the 40 mm round fired from the M203?
14 to 38 meters

What is the rate of fire of the M203?
5 to 7 rounds per minute

What Field Manual covers the M203?
FM 3-22.31

What is the casualty radius of a M203 40 mm HE round?
5 meters

What are the 4 fundamentals of M203 marksmanship?
1.        Steady Position
2.        Aiming
3.        Breathing
4.        Trigger Control

The M203 uses several fixed type, low velocity 40 mm rounds. Name some of the common types
of rounds used.
1.        M433 – High Explosive Dual Purpose
2.        M406 – High Explosive
3.        M83A1 (white), M661 (Green), M662 (Red) – Star Parachute
4.        M585 – White Star Cluster
5.        M713 (Red Smoke), M715 (Green Smoke), M716 (Yellow Smoke) – Ground Marker
6.        M781 – Practice
7.        M651 – Tactical CS
8.        Buckshot

What are the two common malfunctions of the M203?
1.        Failure to cock
2.        Failure to lock

What are the five common stoppages of the M203?
1.        Failure to fire
2.        Failure to extract
3.        Failure to eject
4.        Failure to chamber
5.        Safety Fails to stay in position

What are the two types of sights on the M203?
1.        Leaf
2.        Quadrant

Describe the M203.
The M203 grenade launcher is a lightweight, single-shot, breech-loaded, pump action (sliding barrel),
shoulder-fired weapon that is attached to an
M16 rifle series, or the M4 carbine series with the M203A1,
and M4 carbine series with the rail system.

At what range do you zero the M203?
200 meters

How must you maintain the M203 Grenade Launcher in varying climates?
•        Extreme Heat: Lubricate with CLP, grade 2.
•        Damp or Salty Air: Clean the weapon and apply CLP, grade 2, frequently.
•        Sandy or Dusty Air: Clean the weapon and apply CLP, grade 2, frequently. Remove excess CLP with
a rag after each application.
•        Temperatures Below Freezing: When the weapon is brought in from a cold area to a warm area,
keep it wrapped in a parka or blanket, and allow it to reach room temperature gradually. If condensation
forms on the weapon, dry and lubricate it at room temperature with CLP, grade 2, before returning it to cold
weather. Otherwise, ice will form inside the mechanism.

How long should you wait before opening the breach to unload the weapon if you happen to
have a misfire with the M203?
30 seconds
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