Promotion Board tips
7. Know your unit history and the meaning of your unit crest/insignia. You should also know who is in
your chain of command, from Squad leader to the commander in chief.
1. Study; don't waste your time and the time of your leaders by not preparing yourself for the promotion
board. If your leadership recommended you to attend the promotion board, then you must be doing a great
job; don't screw it up.
2. Practice; Get with your NCOs and set up mock boards. Get feedback from your NCOs and work on the
areas where you are not doing so great.

3. Stay up to date on current events and world news. Get online and check out CNN.COM or MSNBC.COM
at least the day before the promotion board, if possible check it the morning of the board.
4. Have a good biography. Your Bio sets the mood for your promotion board. Depending on your character;
if you know you screwed up your Bio it may stay with you through the rest of the board and distract you
from answering even simple questions.
5. Please don't embarrass yourself in front of your leadership. All Soldiers should know The Soldiers Creed,
the three general orders, The Army values, The Army Song, and since it is a promotion board, Know The
NCO Creed.
6. Be confident. When answering a question; look at the NCO who asked the question and answer without
a doubt. If you don't know an answer don't try to Bull S**t the board members, Say "SGT I don't know the
answer to that question" and move on. If you don't know an answer but you know the regulation or field
manual that contains the answer, SAY IT! Because you may get partial credit for knowing where to look.
8. Ask your NCOs for specifics on the way your unit conducts promotion boards.
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