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AT-4 Army Study Guide

What Army Field Manual covers the M136 AT4?
FM 3-23.25 Chapter 2

What is the M136 AT4?
The M136 AT4 is a 84mm, lightweight, self-contained, antiarmor weapon. It consists of a free-flight, fin-
stabilized, rocket-type cartridge packed in an expendable, one-piece, fiberglass-wrapped tube.

From which shoulder is the M136 AT4 fired?
Right shoulder only

What is the approximate length of the M136 AT4 Rocket?
18 inches

What is the approximate weight of the M136 AT4 Rocket?
4 lbs

What is the length of the M136 AT4?
40 inches

What is the maximum range of the M136 AT4?
2100 meters

What is the overall weight of the M136 AT4?
14.8 lbs

What is the maximum effective range of the M136 AT4?
300 meters

What is the minimum target engagement range of the M136 AT4?
Training - 30 meters
Combat – 15 meters

How many pre-fire checks are there for the M136 AT4 and what are they?
There are 11 pre-fire checks:
1. The rear seal, a brown acrylic plastic plate inside the venturi, is in place and undamaged.
2. The transport safety pin is in place and fully inserted. The lanyard is attached to the transport safety pin
and the launcher. The lanyard should already be wrapped around the launcher clockwise and the
transport safety pin inserted in the retainer hole counterclockwise.
3. The cocking lever is present and in the SAFE (uncocked) position.
4. The plastic fire-through muzzle cover is in place and undamaged. If it is torn or broken, cut it out and
check the launch tube to ensure it is clear of foreign objects. Remove any that you find by turning the tube
muzzle downward and gently shaking the launcher.
5. The launcher has the correct color-coded band.
6. The sights function properly. Open the sight covers to ensure the sights pop up and are undamaged.
7. The forward safety does not move when you depress it.
8. The red trigger button is not missing.
9. The launcher body has no cracks, dents, or bulges.
10. The carrying sling is not frayed and is attached firmly to the launch tube.
11. The shoulder stop is not broken or damaged, and it unsnaps and folds down.

If you have a misfire with the M136 AT4, what should you do?
Combat Environment:
•        If the M136 AT4 launcher is armed (cocked), keep it pointed away from personnel and equipment
at all times.
•        Release the forward safety.
•        Remove your right hand from the firing mechanism and cock the weapon again.
•        Try to fire again. If the launcher still does not fire, maintain the same firing position and return the
cocking lever to the SAFE (uncocked) position.
•        Move the launcher from your shoulder, keeping the launcher pointed toward the enemy. Reinsert
the transport safety pin.
•        Break off the sights to identify the misfired launcher.
•        Place the launcher on the ground, pointed toward the enemy, and use another launcher. As soon as
you can, dispose of the misfired launcher IAW unit SOP.
Training Environment:
•        If the M136 AT4 launcher is armed (cocked), keep it pointed away from personnel and equipment
at all times.
•        Shout “Misfire” as soon as the launcher fails to fire, while maintaining the original sight picture.
•        Release the forward safety.
•        Recock the launcher. Immediately remove right hand from the firing mechanism and push the
cocking lever forward with the heel of the right hand until the lever locks with a loud clicking noise.
•        Press the forward safety all the way down and try to fire again. If the launcher still fails to fire, shout
misfire, release the forward safety, and move the cocking lever to the SAFE (uncocked) position. Move
the launcher from shoulder, keeping the weapon pointed toward the target and cradle the weapon in the
left arm.
•        Reinsert the transport safety pin, wait two minutes, then carefully lay the launcher on the ground with
the muzzle toward the target.

How large and what does the back-blast area of the M136 AT4 consist of?
The black-blast area is 65 meters in a 90-degree fan behind the weapon. The distances are 5 meters
combat and 60 meters training.
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