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Army Warrior Task Recover an M18A1 Claymore Mine

Conditions: Given an installed M18A1 Claymore mine, an M57 firing device, an M40 test set, a firing wire spool, an M7 bandoleer, and a requirement to remove an
installed mine.

Standards: Recover the M18A1 Claymore mine, disarm it without activating the mine, and repack all components into the M7 bandoleer.

Performance Steps
1.        Disarm the M18A1 Claymore mine.
a.        Check the firing device safety bail to ensure it is on SAFE.
b.        Disconnect the firing device from the wire.
c.        Replace the shorting plug dust cover on the firing wire connector.
d.        Replace the dust cover on the firing device connector.
e.        Keep possession of the M57 firing device.
WARNING: While disarming and recovering the M18A1 Claymore mine, keep the M57 firing device with you.
f.        Untie the firing wire from the stake at the firing site.
g.        Move to the M18A1 Claymore mine.
h.        Remove the shipping plug priming adapter by unscrewing it from the blasting cap.
i.        Separate the shipping plug priming adapter and the blasting cap.
j.        Reverse the shipping plug.
k.        Screw the shipping plug end of the adapter into the detonator well.
l.        Remove the firing wire from the stake at the mine site.
m.        Place the blasting cap into the end of the wire connector.
n.        Roll the wire on the wire container.
2.        Remove the M18A1 Claymore mine.
a.        Lift the M18A1 Claymore mine from its emplacement.
b.        Secure the folding legs.
c.        Repack the mine and all the accessories into the M7 bandoleer.

Evaluation Preparation: SETUP: During training, use only inert blasting caps and mines.

BRIEF SOLDIER: Tell the Soldier to remove and install the mine. Camouflaging and burying the wire were not included during the evaluation.

Performance Measures        GO        NO-GO
1.        Disarmed the M18A1 Claymore mine.        ——        ——
2.        Removed the M18A1 Claymore mine.        ——        ——

Evaluation Guidance: Score the Soldier GO if all performance measures are passed. Score the Soldier NO-GO if any performance measure is failed. If the Soldier
scores NO-GO, show the Soldier what was done wrong and how to do it correctly.

Required        Related
FM 23-23
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