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Perform Safety Checks on Hand Grenades

Conditions: Given any standard issue US hand grenade with extra safety clips and load-carrying equipment (LCE).

Standards: Inspect the grenade for defects; identify and correct defects, if possible. Report and turn in grenades that have defects you cannot correct. Identify each
grenade by type, and correctly attach grenades to your ammunition pouch.

Performance Steps
1.        Identify the grenades listed in Table 071-325-4401_01 by type, color, markings, and usage.

Table 1. Hand grenades.

2.        Inspect hand grenades for defects. Correct defects, if possible.
a.        Check the fuse to ensure it is screwed tightly on the body of the grenade.
b.        Check the safety clip to ensure that--
(1)        It is present.
(2)        It is in the correct position.
c.        Replace safety clips (only if missing).
(1)        Slide the clip onto the handle.
(2)        Attach the loop portion of the clip around the fuse.
(3)        Snap the clip end around the safety lever.
d.        Check the safety pin.
(1)        Ensure the clip is in the correct position. If not, carefully push it into place while holding down the safety lever.
(2)        Ensure the clip is straight (not bent). If it is bent, carefully bend it back in position.
e.        Check the safety ring for cracking. Reject any grenade that has a cracked safety ring.
f.        Check the grenade for dirt. Wipe any dirty or grimy grenade clean with a cloth.
g.        Turn in any defective grenade.
* Try to modify a grenade.
* Try to defuse a grenade.
* Try to remove a grenade found upside down in its packing container.
* Handle a dud grenade.
* Attach grenade(s) to your clothing or equipment by the pull ring.
3.        Attach the grenade to an ammunition pouch.
a.        Attach the grenade to the new style pouch.
(1)        Slip the grenade safety lever over the small strap sewn on each side of the ammunition pouch.
(2)        Push the grenade down until it firmly seats against the side of the pouch.
(3)        Ensure the pull ring points downward.
(4)        Wrap the carrying strap around the fuse, safety lever, and pull ring.
b.        Attach the grenade to the old-style pouch.
(1)        Slip the safety lever over the strap sewn on each side of the pouch. Push down the grenade until it firmly seats against the side of the pouch.
(2)        Ensure the pull ring points downward, and wrap the carrying strap around the fuse, safety lever, and pull ring.
4.        Check grenades occasionally while moving to ensure that the fuse is tight and the strap is secure.

Evaluation Preparation: SETUP: Provide the following six inert hand grenades: M67 fragmentation grenade, M18 colored smoke grenade, M34 WP smoke grenade, AN-
M8 HC smoke grenade, AN-M14 TH3 incendiary grenade, and the ABC-M25A2 CS riot-control grenade. The Soldier need not identify the grenades' alphanumeric
nomenclature. Obtain several inert hand grenades, each with at least two of the following defects:
1. Fuze is unscrewed from the body of the grenade.
2. Safety clip is loose.
3. Safety pin is partially removed, bent, or both.
4. Safety pin is cracked.
5. Safety lever is broken.
6. Grenade is dirty.

Before testing the Soldier, ensure that you know the defects present in each grenade.

BRIEF SOLDIER:  Tell the Soldier to identify each hand grenade; to inspect the grenade; and to correct the defects where possible. If the Soldier discovers a defect that
cannot be corrected, the Soldier must tell you the defect and that the grenade should be turned in. Tell the Soldier to attach a grenade to his or her ammunition pouch.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Performance Measures        GO        NO-GO
1.        Identified grenades.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ——        ——
2.        Inspected the grenade.                                                                                                                                                                                                                     ——        ——
3.        Attached the grenade to the ammunition pouch.                                                                                                                                                                       ——        ——

Evaluation Guidance: Score the Soldier GO if all performance measures are passed. Score the Soldier NO-GO if any performance measure is failed. If the Soldier scores
NO-GO, show the Soldier what was done wrong and how to do it correctly.

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