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NCOER, The Basics

Writing a Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report (NCOER) can be a very daunting task for some Noncommissioned Officers and their senior
raters. Raters can ease the pain of writing an NCOER by Counseling Noncommissioned Officers on a regular basis and keeping track of all
records whether good or bad this way the rater has all the necessary information on hand to write a good and fair NCOER instead of wasting time
trying to remember what the rated NCO did 10 months ago. A few key points to remember when writing an NCOER:

Know the difference between Success and Excellence  
As a fair rater you can not give the rated NCO an Excellence because he/she showed up to work everyday and tried very hard to stay off the profile.
This is especially important for that Staff Sergeant who is trying to make the SFC List because there is a higher chance that the promotion board
will throw out the promotion file that has an NCOER with all excellence boxes checked but weak comments that don't support the rating, so be
careful and fair because you may be hurting your buddy by trying to hook him/her up.
Learn more about excellence ratings

2. Be consistent and organized  
This means that what ever you as the rater write in the duty description blocks matches the comments on the values and responsibilities block,
Confused yet? Let me explain, if the Duty description notes "Company Safety NCO" then the comment in the responsibilities block should reflect
your performance and achievements as the Company Safety NCO.

Don't be afraid to ask for help
There is always someone more capable, No matter how good we think we are so ask your fellow NCOs to proof read your NCOER before you
send it up to the Senior rater, you will find that a second pair of eyes can make a significant contribution to the finished NCOER.

Here you will find example NCOER Comments for the Rater, Senior Rater and Reviewer. We update the content of this site on a weekly basis so
check back soon for more information.
NCOER Examples
Rater Examples  

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Physical fitness
Military bearing



Responsibility & Accountability

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