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SIG P226
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SIG P226

Type Semi-automatic pistol
Place of origin Germany, Switzerland
Service history
Used by See Usage
Production history
Manufacturer Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG)
Variants See Variants
Weight 802 g (28.3 oz)
867 g (30.6 oz) (.357 SIG and .40 S&W)

Length 196 mm (7.7 in)
Barrel length 112 mm (4.4 in)


Cartridge 9 mm Luger,
.40 S&W,
.357 SIG

Action mechanically locked, recoil operated (DA/SA, DAO, DAK)
Feed system 12 (.40 S&W) or 15 round detachable box magazine
Sights Iron sights
The Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG)-Sauer P226 is a full-sized, service type pistol originally chambered for 9 mm Luger.
Its design is based on the venerable SIG-Sauer P220. The P226 has come to be known as one of the most distinguished combat
pistols in existence because of its reliability and durability.

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1 History
2 Concerns
3 Variants
3.1 P226 Navy
3.2 P226 ST
3.3 P226 Rail
3.4 P226R HSP
3.5 P226 X-Five
3.6 P228
3.7 P229
3.8 P229 DAK
4 Manufacture
5 Usage
5.1 P226
5.2 P228
5.3 P229
6 See also
7 Notes and references
8 External links

[edit] History
The P226 was designed for entry into the XM9 Service Pistol Trials, which were held by the US Army in 1984 on behalf of the US
armed forces to find a replacement for the M1911A1. Only the Beretta 92F and the P226 satisfactorily completed the trials; however,
Beretta was ultimately awarded the contract for the 92F due to overall cost.

[edit] Concerns
Though ergonomically sound, there are some concerns with the design of the pistol.

Early versions fitted with after-market or replacement grip panels occasionally developed reliability issues because the firing
mechanism put pressure on the inside of the grip panel. OEM and later quality replacement panels coupled with keeping the grip
screws tight remove this issue.

[edit] Variants

[edit] P226 Navy

A SIG P226 Navy.Navy SEAL Teams started using the SIG P226 in the 1980s.

The first Naval Special Warfare-spec P226 pistols to be offered to the public were the NSW Commemoratives, issued in early 2004.
The SIG P226-9-NAVY is a version of the SIG P226 that is produced to the exact specifications of the pistols supplied to Navy SEALs,
including special phosphate corrosion-resistant finish on internal parts, contrast sights, and a slide engraved with an anchor to
designate them as Naval Special Warfare pistols. SIGARMS raised over $100,000 for the Special Operations Warrior Foundation
through the sale of these NSW serialized pistols and serial number NSW0001 was sold during a live auction on the nationally
syndicated Laura Ingraham radio show for $25,000.

[edit] P226 ST
The SIG SAUER P226 ST is an all stainless version of the SIG P226 pistol. The frame features a Picatinny rail, and a blued barrel. It is
heavier than a standard P226 because the frame and slide are stainless steel. The stainless P226 in 9mm is a popular pistol with
competitors that compete in the sport of Practical Shooting.

[edit] P226 Rail
The P226 Rail (or P226R) is the same as a P226, but it has a Picatinny rail.

[edit] P226R HSP
On sale 2005-09-11, SIG SAUER Homeland Security Pistols (HSP) are the same models SIG builds for the Department of Homeland
Security. This is a limited production run of 1,000 P226R HSP pistols are available engraved with the American flag and Homeland
Security 1 of 1000. Additionally, each pistol comes in .40 S&W caliber and is engraved with serial number barcoding just like those
which were shipped to DHS. The HSP also features the new DAK trigger, a stainless steel Nitron slide topped with SIGLITE night
sights, and a light weight alloy frame with integral Picatinny rail.

There is also a P229R HSP model available with the same features.

[edit] P226 X-Five
The SIG Sauer P226 X-Five is a competition variant of the P226 with a 5" slide and barrel, beavertail grip, and an adjustable rear target
sight. Intended for IPSC competitive shooting, the X-Five is hand-fitted and assembled in Germany, and its resulting accuracy
accordingly rivals the legendary SIG P210. Available in 9 mm or .40 S&W, there are currently four models being offered in the United
States: The "Competition" model has a single-action-only (SA) trigger, ambidextrous thumb safety, flared magazine well, and unique
high-capacity magazines (19-round 9 mm/ 14-round .40 S&W). The "Level-1" model adds a special adjustable SA trigger and Nill
wood grips. The "Allround" model has a double-action/ single-action (DA/SA) trigger, a decocking lever in place of the thumb safety,
and a standard magazine well designed to accommodate P226 magazines. The "Tactical" model comes with a black Ilaflon finish,
and features a light-weight alloy frame with a Picatinny rail, and fixed contrast or tritium night sights. It's available in either SA or DA/SA
configuration. (US models only come chambered for 9 mm, but a .40 S&W model is available in Germany.) All SIG P226 X-Five
models include a factory test target with a sub-1 inch 5-shot grouping from 25 meters.

[edit] P228

P228A compact version of the P226, the P228, is also respected worldwide and is currently in use with the US military (notably with
the Army CID, Air Force OSI, and Naval Aviation), designated the M11 and is also the standard issue handgun of the Swedish Police.
The P228 has a shorter slide and barrel than the P226. Unlike the P226, the P228 is available only in 9 mm Luger Parabellum. The
P229 is nearly identical to the P228, but it has a one piece solid steel (vs. the P228's carbon stamped steel) slide and is available in 9
mm, .40 S&W, and .357 SIG. From a distance, the P228 can be differentiated from the P226 by comparing the trigger guards (the
P228's is curved, while the P226's is slightly hooked) and the barrel and slide lengths (the P228's barrel is 12.7 mm shorter, thus
having a corresponding shorter slide). Also in a side by side comparison the P228 would appear slightly shorter (2.5 mm shorter)
than the P226. The larger capacity P226 magazine can also be employed in the P228 although it extends from the base of the grip. It
is also available in the Ladies Escort version with an adapted trigger for women with extra small hands.

[edit] P229

P229The SIG P229 is a compact firearm, often used for concealed carry purposes. The standard version features a DA/SA trigger, but
it is also available with a DAO trigger.

Recently, the pistol has also been made available in a DAK (Double Action Kellerman) model, which is a DAO system with two trigger
reset points, and a lighter, smoother pull than that of traditional DAO handguns.

The P229 differs from its cousin, the P226 in several respects. The P226 is a "full size" pistol, while the P229 is considered compact.
The P226 originally was manufactured using a stamped-steel slide on an aluminum alloy frame. The P229 consists of a milled
stainless steel slide, typically colored black with a Nitron finish. The P226 and P229 are both available with optional accessory rails
and optional forged stainless steel frames.

The P229 can be chambered in 9 mm, .40 S&W or .357 SIG. Changing between .40 S&W and .357 SIG is as simple as switching out
the barrel. Conversion barrels, from companies such as Bar-Sto Precision Machine[1], will also allow your P229 or P226 to change
between a .40 S&W/.357 SIG to a 9mm caliber. The magazine can accommodate ammunition of either caliber. The 9 mm model
cannot be converted to another caliber.

[edit] P229 DAK
SIG recently released an improved version of the double-action only (DAO) pistols; this version is called the DAK (for Double Action
Kellerman, after the designer of the system). When firing the pistol the first trigger pull is only 6.5 lbs (compared to 12 lbs for the
standard DAO). After the pistol fires and the trigger is released forward the trigger has an intermediate reset point that is
approximately halfway to the trigger at rest position. The trigger pull from this intermediate reset point is 8.5 lbs. If the trigger is
released all the way forward, this will engage the primary trigger reset and have a trigger pull of 6.5b lbs. To engage the intermediate
reset the trigger must be held to the rear while the slide is cycled, either manually or by the recoil of a round being fired.

[edit] Manufacture
SIG firearms are manufactured both in Germany and in Exeter, New Hampshire. Although Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft is a
Swiss company, Swiss law is highly restrictive when it comes to the export of firearms. Consequently, SIG entered into an agreement
with German gun manufacturer J.P. Sauer & Sohn to facilitate an export market for their products.

[edit] Usage

[edit] P226
United States
Alameda County Sheriff's Office
Fremont, California Police Department
San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office (.40 S&W)
United States Navy SEALs
Texas Rangers
Texas Highway Patrol
Dallas Police Department
Michigan State Police
Ohio State Highway Patrol
New York City Police Department
Massachusetts State Police (P226 DAK, .40 S&W)
Rhode Island State Police (in .357 SIG)
San Francisco Police Department
Oklahoma Highway Patrol (.357 SIG)
United Kingdom
British Armed Forces under the designation L105A1
Canadian Forces have had the weapon on limited issue for some time with JTF2 and the Military Police.
Irish Army Rangers
Emergency Response Unit (Garda)
Adopted it for use under license by Defense Industries Organization as the ZOAF and, currently, as the PC9 pistol
Special Assault Team
Japanese Self-Defense Forces, licensed as Minebea P9 for the JGSDF.
Pasukan Gerakan Khas
New Zealand
New Zealand Army
Singapore Armed Forces
Swedish Police

[edit] P228
United Kingdom
Service de police de la Ville de Laval
Special Assault Team
Special Security Team
Pasukan Gerakan Khas
Swedish Police
United States
United States Army Criminal Investigation Command,
United States Air Force Office of Special Investigations
New Jersey State Police

[edit] P229
United States
Gulfport, Florida Police Department (P229 DAK, .40 S&W)
North Carolina State Highway Patrol (.357 SIG)
Virginia State Police (.357 SIG)
United States Department of Homeland Security
Federal Air Marshal Service (.357 SIG)
United States Coast Guard (P229 DAK, .40 S&W)
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) (P229 DAK, .40 S&W)
United States Secret Service (.357 SIG)
Vermont State Police (P229 DAK, .40 S&W, carried with an issued, underlug-mounted Surefire X200 light)

[edit] See also
M9 pistol
Joint Combat Pistol
List of individual weapons of the U.S. Armed Forces

[edit] Notes and references
^ Bar-Sto Precision Machine

[edit] External links
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