NCO Leader's Book

• What are the lessons learned from the last time the training was conducted? Are they integrated?

• Has the OPFOR been equipped and trained (if applicable)?

• Are slice elements integrated into planning and execution of training?

• Has a risk assessment been completed? Have safety consideration been completed.

• Are soldiers trained on prerequisite prior to execution?

• Have training ranges and facilities been requested? Has a reconnaissance been conducted?

• Are range or maneuver books on hand?

• Are leaders certified to conduct range operations?

• Are leaders briefed on environment considerations?

• Have convoy clearances been submitted and approved?

• Have TADSS been identified and approved? (TADSS : Training AIDS, Devices, Simulators, Simulations)

• Can trainers properly operate all TADSS and targetry?

• Has Class I (Food) been requested? Does the dining facility and support platoon know?

• Has Class III (Fuel) been requested and picked up?

• Has Class V (Ammo) been requested and picked up?

• Has Transportation been requested?

• Are sufficient expendable supplies on hand?

• Is rehearsal time programmed for trainers?

• Has back brief for chain of command been coordinated?

• Is time scheduled for an AAR?
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