NCO Leader's Book
1. Definitions used in the UCMJ
2. Persons subject to the UCMJ
3. Jurisdiction to Try Certain Persons
4. Dismissed officer's right to trial by court-martial
5. Territorial applicability of UCMJ (applies in all places)
6. Judge Advocates and legal officers
6a. Investigation and disposition of matters pertaining to the fitness of military judges
7. Apprehension
8. Apprehension of Deserters
9. Imposition of Restraint
10. Restraint of Persons Charged with Offenses
11. Reporting and Receiving Prisoners
12. Confinement with Enemy Prisoners Prohibited
13. Punishment Prohibited Before Trial
14. Delivery of Offenders to Civil Authorities
15. Commanding Officer's Non-Judicial Punishment
16. Courts-Martial Classified
17. Jurisdiction of Courts-Martial in general
18. Jurisdiction of General Courts-Martial
19. Jurisdiction of Special Courts-Martial
20. Jurisdiction of Summary Courts-Martial
21. Jurisdiction of Courts-Martial not exclusive
22. Who May Convene General Courts-Martial
23. Who May Convene Special Courts-Martial
24. Who May Convene Summary Courts-Martial
25. Who May Serve on Courts-Martial
26. Military Judge of a General or Special Court-Martial
27. Detail of Trial Counsel and Defense Counsel
28. Detail or Employment of Reporters and Interpreters
29. Absent and Additional Members
30. Charges and Specifications
31. Compulsory Self-Incrimination Prohibited
32. Pretrial Investigation
33. Forwarding of Charges
34. Advice of Staff Judge Advocate and Reference for Trial
35. Service of Charges
36. President may prescribe Rules
37. Unlawfully Influencing Action of Court
38. Duties of Trial Counsel and Defense Counsel
39. Sessions
40. Continuances
41. Challenges
42. Oaths
43. Statute of Limitations
44. Former Jeopardy
45. Pleas of the Accused
46. Opportunity
47. Refusal to Appear or Testify
48. Contempt
49. Depositions
50. Admissibility of Records of Courts of Inquiry
50a. Defense of Lack of Mental Responsibility
51. Voting and Rulings
52. Number of Votes Required
53. Court to Announce Action
54. Record of Trial
55. Cruel and Unusual Punishments Prohibited
56. Maximum Limits
57. Effective Date of Sentence
58. Execution of Confinement
58a. Sentences: Reduction in Enlisted Grades upon Approval
59. Error of Law; Lesser Included Offense
60. Action by the Convening Authority
61. Waiver or Withdrawal of Appeal
62. Appeal by the United States
63. Rehearings
64. Review by a Judge Advocate
65. Disposition of Records
66. Review by Court of Criminal Appeals
67. Review by Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces
68. Branch Offices
69. Review in the Office of the Judge Advocate General
70. Appellate Counsel
71. Execution of Sentence; Suspension of Sentence
72. Vacation of Suspension
73. Petition for a new Trial
74. Remission and Suspension
75. Restoration
76. Finality of Proceedings, Findings, and Sentences
76a. Leave required to be taken pending review of certain Court-Martial Convictions

77. Principals
78. Accessory after the fact
79. Conviction of lesser included offense
80. Attempts
81. Conspiracy
82. Solicitation
83. Fraudulent enlistment, appointment, or separation
84. Unlawful enlistment, appointment, or separation
85. Desertion
86. Absence without leave
87. Missing movement
88. Contempt toward officials
89. Disrespect toward superior commissioned officer
90. Assaulting or willfully disobeying superior commissioned officer
91. Insubordinate conduct toward warrant officer, noncommissioned officer, or petty officer
92. Failure to obey order or regulation
93. Cruelty and maltreatment
94. Mutiny or sedition
95. Resistance, breach of arrest, and escape
96. Releasing prisoner without proper authority
97. Unlawful detention
98. Noncompliance with procedural rules
99. Misbehavior before the enemy
100. Subordinate compelling surrender
101. Improper use of countersign
102. Forcing a safeguard
103. Capture or abandoned property
104. Aiding the enemy
105. Misconduct as prisoner
106. Spies
107. False official statements
108. Military property of United States--Loss, damage, destruction, or wrongful disposition
109. Property other than military property of the United States-- Waste, spoilage, or destruction
110. Improper hazarding of vessel
111. Drunken or reckless driving
112. Drunk on duty
112a. Wrongful use, possession, etc., of controlled substances
113. Misbehavior of sentinel
114. Dueling
115. Malingering
116. Riot or breach of peace
117. Provoking speeches or gestures
118. Murder
119. Manslaughter
120. Rape and carnal knowledge
121. Larceny and wrongful appropriation
122. Robbery
123. Forgery
123a. Making, drawing, or uttering check, draft, or order without sufficient funds
124. Maiming
125. Sodomy
126. Arson
127. Extortion
128. Assault
129. Burglary
130. Housebreaking
131. Perjury
132. Frauds against the United States
133. Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman

134. General Article*
Abusing public animal, adultery, assault(indecent), assault(with intent to commit murder), bigamy,
bribery & graft, worthless checks, wrongful cohabitation, failing to pay debts disloyal statements,
disorderly conduct, drunkenness, false or unauthorized pass offense, false pretenses, false
swearing, discharging firearm through negligence, fleeing scene of an accident, fraternization,
gambling with subordinate, negligent homicide, impersonating officers/NCO, indecent acts of
liberties with child, indecent exposure indecent language, abuse of mail system, obstructing
justice, pandering/prostitution, breaking restriction, straggling, threat or hoax, communication a
threat, unlawful entry, carrying a concealed weapon, kidnapping, perjury, self injury w/out intent to
avoid service, knowingly receiving/buying/concealing stolen property, wearing unauthorized
insignia/decoration/badge/ribbon/device/ or lapel button, willfully discharging firearm (under such
circumstances as to endanger human life)
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