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AAR          After Action Review                                                     MOS           Military Occupational Specialty
ACS          Army Community Service                                          MOSQ        Military Occupational Specialty Qualified
ADAPCP  Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Program
MRE         Meals Ready to Eat                                                     ADT             Active Duty for Training
MSE         Mobile Subscriber Equipment                                   AER             Academic Evaluation Report
MTOE      Modification Table of Organization and Equipment
AII             Additional Issue Items                                                NATO           North Atlantic Treaty Organization
ANCOC   Advanced Non-Commissioned Officer
NBC        Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical                             APFT            Army Physical Fitness Test
NCOER  Non-Commissioned Officer Evaluation Report
AR            Army Regulation                                                            NVD             Night Vision Device
AWOL      Absent without Leave                                                   OMPF          Official Military Personnel File
BASD      Basic Active Service Date                                            OPFOR      Opposing Force
BII            Basic Issue Items                                                         PBT             Pyribostigmine Bromide Tablet
BMO        Battalion Maintenance Officer                                      PCI             Precombat Inspection
BNCOC  Basic Non-Commissioned Officer Course
PEB         Physical Evaluation Board                                          CANA        Convulsant Antidote, Nerve Agent autoinjector
PLDC      Primary Leadership Development Course
CFC         Combined Forces Command                                   PMCS        Preventive Maintenance Checks and Services
CONF      Confidential                                                                   POL           Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants
Conv        Convalescent                                                                PQR           Personnel Qualification Record
CPMOS   Career Progression Military Occupation Specialty
PROF       Professional                                                                CTT             Common Task Test
PSC         Personnel Service Center                                         DA Form    Department of Army Form
PSG         Platoon Sergeant                                                        DA PAM      Department of Army Pamphlet
QUAL       Qualification                                                                 DOB            Date Of Birth
RTO          Radio-Telephone Operator                                     DOR            Date Of Rank
SC             Supply Catalog                                                          DSN            Defense Switching Network
SINGARS  Single-channel Ground and Airborne Radio Subsystem
DTG           Date Time Group                                                     SKO            Sets, Kits, and Outfits
EFMP         Exceptional Family Member Program
SOI             Signal Operation Instructions                                ENL          Enlisted
SOP           Standard Operating Procedure                              ET             Elapsed Time
SQD           Squad                                                                         ETS           Expiration of Term of Service
SSN            Social Security Number                                         EUSA        Eighth United States Army
STA             Status                                                                        EXP           Expiration
T&E             Traversing and Elevating                       
FORSCOM Forces Command                                                 T/P/U        Trained/Practice/Untrained
GCM           General Court Martial                                             TA             Table of Allowance
GED           General Education Development                        TACSOP  Tactical Standard Operating Procedure
GPS           Global Positioning System                                   TDY          Temporary Duty
GTA            Graphic Training Aid                                              TIG           Time-In-Grade
IADT            Initial Active Duty for Training                              TIS            Time-In-Service
IAW              In Accordance With                                              TRADOC  Training and Doctrine Command
INS               Insurance                                                             TMDE        Test, Measurement, and Diagnostic Equipment
KIA               Killed In Action                                                     UCMJ        Uniform Code of Military Justice
LBV             Load Bearing Vest                                              UNC         United Nations Command
LIC              License                                                                Unsat       Unsatisfactory
LP/OP         Listening Post/Observation Point                  USAEREC   United States Army Enlisted Records and Evaluation Center
MEB            Medical Evaluation Board                                USASC         United States Army Signal Command
MIA              Missing In Action                                                 USFK           United States Forces Korea
MMRB        MOS Medical Retention Board                          USO             United Service Organization
MOPP        Mission Oriented Protection Posture               WIA               Wounded In Action
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